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With the amount of snow we are getting this year, the City of Braham wants to remind all parents to warn their children, and watch for their children, with regards to the danger of playing too close to the street, especially when the snow plows are out.  Plow drivers are out in inclement weather and may not always see a child next to the street or behind a snow pile by the street.  In heavy snowfalls, the weight of the snow rolling off the plow blades is extremely heavy and dangerous.  Parents should always be watchful of where their children are playing.  Snow is a kid magnet, and as fun and tempting as those big snow piles are, children should never play on snow in the boulevard (City Right-of-Way) area.  Not only is this where the City plows push the snow, but children could slip and fall into the path of a plow or other vehicle.  A child being hurt or killed would be a tragedy beyond words.

As a reminder, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to push snow into the City street. This could cause the City plows or other vehicles to hit a frozen ridge of snow and spin out, endangering both the driver and anyone in the area of the accident.

As a reminder, it shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of property fronting on any sidewalk within the City of Braham to keep the sidewalk on which their property fronts clear of snow and ice, and to remove all snow within 24 hours after each snowfall. This includes any snow plowed from public streets onto the sidewalk. In case of failure to remove snow and ice as above specified, the City may remove the snow and ice, and the costs thereof assessed against the property.  When possible and as a public courtesy, the City will attempt to remove snow from the business area sidewalks, portions of West Central Drive, and portions of 2nd Street Southwest, that have heavy pedestrian traffic. This does not in any way remove the responsibility from the property owner or occupant as provided for in the above paragraph.

Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe this winter.  A big thank you also goes to our City crew for the great job they do plowing snow in Braham.  They work long, hard hours and are commended for the excellent job they do.


Water/Sewer billing rate increases take effect March 2019.  Click here for more information.


* Board of Review Dates*
Held at Isanti County Courthouse Assessor’s Office

MNDOT’s 2019 projects include a new T intersection with a Continuous Green traffic signal system at Hwy 65/Hwy 107 Braham.  Luke Wehseler from MNDOT presented the project to the Braham City Council on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.  Project details can be found on the MNDOT website http://www.dot.state.mn.us/d3/projects/braham/

For any questions, please contact:

Luke Wehseler, PE
Project Manager/Consultant Coordinator
District 3 Project Development
7694 Industrial Park Road
Baxter, MN 56425
Direct: 218-828-5721

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