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City Engineer’s update on 2018 Street Paving

Engineer’s Update – Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018

The contractor discussed options for placing bituminous on  the areas of the street project that are still soft. They proposed to place bituminous on all of Cypress between 3rd and 4th. This material will be compacted as much as possible. Part of the 4th and Cypress intersection will have bituminous placed with little or no compaction as a temporary measure for the winter. Their proposal is due to the closing of their local bituminous plant at the end of this project.

To wait for frozen ground would require that they transport material from the permanent plant near St. Cloud. This would be problematic as the low temperature and travel time would make it difficult to maintain a high temperature in the mix to allow compaction. They would need to remobilize their paving equipment as an extra expense to the street project.

We agreed with their proposal on the temporary paving for the intersection. We anticipate that a portion of the intersection as well as some of the west side of Cypress between 3rd and 4th will require repair before the wear course is paved.

The contractor will pave today and tomorrow. They anticipate returning to place shouldering next week. Those areas that do not have wear course will not get shouldered this year. The shouldering operation would potentially be detrimental to the bituminous surface with only the bituminous base course placed.

MNDOT’s 2019 projects include a new T intersection with a Continuous Green traffic signal system at Hwy 65/Hwy 107 Braham.  Luke Wehseler from MNDOT presented the project to the Braham City Council on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.  Project details can be found on the MNDOT website http://www.dot.state.mn.us/d3/projects/braham/

For any questions, please contact:

Luke Wehseler, PE
Project Manager/Consultant Coordinator
District 3 Project Development
7694 Industrial Park Road
Baxter, MN 56425
Direct: 218-828-5721

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