Historical Facts

1847 – East Central Minnesota region was first explored by Daniel Stanchfield. Prior to this, the area was occupied by the Dakota (Sioux), Isanti, and Chippewa.

1899 – Braham was founded.

1899 – Braham’s first church, The Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church, was built.

1902 – Braham’s first school was built.

1908 – St. Patrick’s Day fire destroyed much of Braham.

1913 – The first electrical lights were turned on in Braham.

1935 – PICK Electric Coop began. It later became East Central Electric in 1945.

1967 – Braham’s Municipal Liquor established.

1982 – Braham’s Marlene Johnson was elected the first woman Lt. Governor of Minnesota.

1990 – Braham was declared the Homemade Pie Capital of Minnesota by Governor Rudy Perpich.