2020 Appointments

Acting Mayor: Jeremy Kunshier
Check Signers: Tish Carlson, Angela Grafstrom, Shawn Sullivan
Authority of Safety Deposit Box: Tish Carlson, Angela Grafstrom, Shawn Sullivan
Custodian of Petty Cash: Sue Hasser
Cable Commission: Tish Carlson
Joint Powers Bldg. Official: Tish Carlson, Angela Grafstrom
City Planner: Marshall Lind
Planning Commission Ex-Officio: Vicky Ethen  Alt: Tish Carlson
Isanti County EDA: Angela Grafstrom Alt: Shawn Sullivan and Marshall Lind
ICICLE Rep: Tish Carlson
(Isanti County Initiative on Collaboration, Leadership and Efficiency)
NTI/GPS 45:93 Representative: Marshall Lind, Alt: Robert Knowles and Angela Grafstrom
(Northern Technology Initiative)
Weed Inspector: Tish Carlson (Must be mayor)
Assist. Weed Inspector: Marshall Lind
Streets Committee: Jeremy Kunshier, Bob Knowles
Emergency Management Director: Eric Baumgart
Firefighter’s Relief Assn: Tish Carlson (Must be mayor), Jeremy Kunshier
AWAIR Safety Management: Tish Carlson Alt: Robert Knowles
Braham Park Reps: Tish Carlson, Vicky Ethen, Jake King (Community representative)
Personnel Committee & Union Negotiations: Tish Carlson, Jeremy Kunshier and
Angela Grafstrom
Budget Committee: Tish Carlson, Jeremy Kunshier
Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) Committee:
Angela Grafstrom, Tish Carlson
Chamber Representative: Tish Carlson
NLX High Speed Rail Representative: Marshall Lind  Alt: Tish Carlson
Isanti & Kanabec Counties Water Management Task Force Rep: Marshall Lind
Wellhead Protection Manager: Marshall Lind
Water Management Plan Task Force Representative: Marshall Lind
Trunk Hwy 65 Coalition: Robert Knowles Alt: Marshall Lind

Official Delegations
Official Newspaper: County News Review
Official City Depository: Frandsen Bank & Trust
City Attorney: Joel Jamnik/ Campbell, Knutson
City Engineers: Moore Engineering
Financial Advisor: David Drown Associates, Inc.

Committee Delegations
E.D.A. (6 years): (Per State Statute, 2 members must be from council. Initial establishment per State Statute for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-year terms; and thereafter for 6-year terms. 5 members rotating on 6-year terms will have one year where there’s no appointment)
Loren Nelson 1/2014 Expires 12/31/2025
Shawn Sullivan – council 1/2019 Expires 12/31/2024
Seth Zeltinger 1/2017 Expires 12/31/2022
Becky Turnquist 1/2016 Expires 12/31/2021
Tish Carlson – council 1/2012 Expires 12/31/2020
Planning Comm. (3 years): (Council Member appointment as non-voting Ex-Officio 5 members per city ordinance)
Loren Davis 1/2020 Expires 12/31/2023
Stan Nelson 1/2019 Expires 12/31/2021
Gary Skarsten 1/2018 Expires 12/31/2020
Allen Taylor 1/2017 Expires 12/31/2022
Jay Mankie 1/2017 Expires 12/31/2022
Braham HRA – Park Manor Board (5 years):
Appointments made in January for Effective Date: June 7
(Initial establishment in 1966. Per State Statute was for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-year terms; and hereafter for 5-year terms)
Joni Mankie 6/2014 Expires 6/6/2024
Betty Keenan 6/2018 Expires 6/6/2023
Mike Davis 6/2017 Expires 6/6/2022
Tish Carlson 6/2016 Expires 6/6/2021
Seth Zeltinger 6/2015 Expires 6/6