Building Permits

Building permit applications can be picked up at City Hall or printed below.  If you are a property owner performing your own work, please complete the Waiver below.  Permits for the City of Braham, Chengwatana Township and Royalton Township can be mailed to the City of Braham PO Box 521 Braham, MN  55006.

Building Permit Application – City of Braham
Building Permit Application – Chengwatana, Royalton Townships
Property Owner Waiver

A $51.00 fee is assessed for all residential projects involving re-roofing, re-siding, or the building of new decks on an existing structure. All Braham residents must use only licensed contractors when considering any remodeling or new addition projects to their home or existing structures, unless completing the project themselves. Lind stresses the importance of using a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor by reminding the local residents that they could be liable for any injuries received by non-licensed workers and that without the assurance of using a licensed, qualified contractor, the residents may well be liable for any damage incurred during the project with little or no recourse to the homeowner in case a dispute arises. To verify that a contractor is licensed, you may access the Department of Labor & Industry.

For remodeling projects to existing homes, Lind encourages homeowners to drop by with the plans for the project in order to ensure the project meets the codes and requirements currently in place. There is no fee for the review of plans with regard to a remodeling project. Lind encourages homeowners who are considering a basement remodeling project to be aware that the installation of escape (egress) window is very likely required with such a project. Front and side yard setbacks are enforced with regard to additions to existing structures.

Permit fees for new construction and other specific projects are based on the value of the project, in accordance with the State of Minnesota Uniform Building Code currently in use by the City.