Water & Wastewater

The City of Braham relies on groundwater for its drinking water supply.  The City owns and operates two primary wells located within the City limits.  These wells draw water from a groundwater aquifer located approximately 200 feet underground.  Groundwater aquifers are vulnerable to contamination from human land surface activities. The City is working with its citizens and neighboring property owners to protect drinking water supply by developing and carrying out a Wellhead Protection Plan.  The WHP was prepared in conjunction with several local, county, and state agencies.  The Minnesota Department of Health is the lead agency for the State program and will assist communities with defining wellhead protection areas and developing plans to protect wells.

The City of Braham is committed to providing the highest quality sewer service to its customers.  From time to time, we experience a problem with the City sewer line which, if not detected early, can result in a backup of raw sewage into a residence.  The City requests all residents to report any change in their sewer immediately.  Toilets flushing slowly or water coming up through a basement drain may be a sign of a sewer problem.  A quick, friendly check by a City worker will determine if there is a problem in the City line.  The City also wants to remind residents not to flush diapers, towels and rags down the toilet, or dump grease down a drain.  Also, it is important to know that the City’s insurance will not pay sewer backup damage claims if the City’s insurance adjuster determines that the City was not negligent. In most cases, this has been the outcome of claims, so it is important for residents to make sure they have sewer backup coverage included in their homeowner’s policy. Especially for those with finished basements.

Ordinance 265 Subdivision 3 Sanitary Sewer Backup Policy
The City of Braham’s policy for any sanitary sewer backup caused by the City’s main sanitary sewer line being plugged is as follows:
(a) It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to contact a company for cleanup of sewage backup.
(b) The City will turn the claim into the City’s insurance (whether the City qualifies for the “No Fault” coverage or not).
(c) The City will pay up to $500.00 of the homeowner’s deductible amount.
(d) For those without sewer backup coverage on their insurance, the City will pay up to $500.00 of their documented costs for cleanup/damage.

Ord. 265 – Water and Sewer Services
Ord. 284 – Water-Sewer Rates *effective March 2019 billing, due April 14, 2019*