State Drinking Fee Increase

              The Minnesota Legislature has approved an increase in the drinking water service connection fee from $6.36 to $9.72, effective January 1, 2020.  What does this mean for Braham residents?  Each month on your water/sewer bill, there is a State Drinking fee of $.53.  This fee will increase to $.81.

This fee was established in 1993 by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) per Minnesota Statute 144.3831. 

Revenue from this fee is used to fund activities of the MDH’s Drinking Water Protection Program related to maintaining compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and protecting the health of all Minnesotans.  These activities include sanitary surveys, sample collection and analysis, compliance determination, source water protection, enforcement, and various technical assistance services.

This fee amount has not changes since 2005.  With expectations for federal regulations continuing to be expanded, program expenses have been exceeding the revenue generated by the fee.  In order to continue providing the services necessary to help water utilities provide safe drinking water, an increase in the fee was needed.